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In Todmorden we don't get a whole lot of the white stuff compared to places east and south of us! Even so this Christmas period has been unusual and the snow has been more than in the last twelve years. It has messed up a lot of Christmas arrangements but has not affected ours.

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Approaching 1995

Mainly France - and a month in Zimbabwe

sunny 29 °C

We took to taking the car to France in July and our trips included the Eastern Pyrenees, Alsace, Normandy, Brittany, Languedoc and Doubs. That sounds a lot but just glance at a map of France and it will be apparent that there are huge areas we barely touched.

The trip to Zimbabwe was made by pam, our daughter Rebecca and myself and we stayed with a former student of mine and his wife. I avoid being too specific here because I guess friendship with Brits is not something highly esteemed in Zimbabwe at the moment and I don't want to land my friends in trouble. Sufficient to say that as well as harare we went to Bulawayo, Masvingo and Great Zimbabwe, Matopos, Hwange, victoria Falls and Mutare. We only had any dealings with other whites in shops and casually in Hwange National Park. Hence we really felt we were getting to know a bit about the country but it would have taken a lot longer and a variety of seasons to know it well. Some creatures that I had never previously seen in the wild became more or less familiar but I never lost my thrill at seeing elephants or rhinos - and we did not see enough lions for them to become familiar.

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Late 60s and 70s


I was involved with week-long courses for students of the college where I was teaching in Manchester, in North Wales, the Isle of Skye, Torridon and Ullapool, Scotland and thus came to know a lot of UK mountains very well. The family went to Scotland as well.

In 1976 we had a major European holiday, going through France, where our youngest son, then eight, insists we lost him in Rheims Cathedral, over the Great St Bernard Pass and through Switzerland to Italy. Then we drove to Rome where we camped near the Tiber. We were very much aware of a police drug raid on the site one night - such things were still far less familiar then. I also have vivid memories of the row made by frogs croaking from the river.

Then to Sorrento and Vesuvius before heading south-west to Bari and a ferry overnight to Dubrovnik. Tito was dead but the country of Yugoslavia still existed and we found Dubrovnik wonderful, even though Pam and Rebecca, aged 9 had developed some sort of stomach problem. Next we went to Kotor, where we drove out for a day in what is now Montenegro before being flooded out. The Mediterranean may be a tideless sea but that does not stop it rising during an electric storm. We had to strike our little camp and set out late in the evening. We tried to sleep in the car on a mountain pass during a ferocious electric storm.

Our tents dried out very quickly at Mostar, now in Herzogovina. I remember that our impressions were of an eminently peaceful place. I particularly remember an old lady strolling along a main road with a cow on a lead! The bridge looked destined to last forever. Image40.jpg Since then it has been destroyed and rebuilt. One day we drove up by the Neretva river and over to Sarajevo, seeing some old Muslim tombs on the way.

Back into Croatia (as it is now) where we camped in mud near the Plitvice Lakes. I suppose all that water and greenery must have some adverse side effects. It's pretty wonderful! Plitvice.jpg Then into what is now Slovenia to visit the caves at Postojna before returning to Italy and camps in Venice and the Dolomites.

Lastly we went through Austria and Germany to Koblenz before entering our final country, Belgium, where we camped near Bruges.

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